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★ Know About 'Thakur & Sons'

➤ In issuing this brochure we take the opportunity of expressing our grateful thanks to our numerous customers for their highly esteemed support in the past and hope that they will continue to extend the same in future.

➤ India has, from times immemorial, held a pre-eminent position all over the world for the artistic excellence of its sculptures and we, being one of the pioneer firms dealing in stone and marble in India for the last 210 years, had to share in no small measure the responsibility of maintaining the high tradition of Indian sculpture and carving and we have discharged our duty in a manner of which we may well be proud. Artistic purity and daintiness of design coupled with the finest material and extremely competent workmanship distinguish everyone of our work and have secured for us a very large number of testimonials, a few of which are printed at the end of this brochure for your perusal. Greatest attention is given to every detail of specifications and drawings in the execution of all orders and no pain is spared to make the work neat and clean.

➤ Stone and Marble have no substitute-all imitations being immensely inferior-and you can depend on us to add taste and finish to their unrivalled traditional strength, durability and weather-resisting qualities.

➤ We put stone and marble to such a bewildering variety of uses that it is not possible to include all of them within the range of this booklet and hence the list of materials we supply given on pages 3 & 4 is far from being exhaustive. Some of the lines we deal in have been illustrated, mostly through works we have .already done. Intended to convey an idea of the nature of the work we do, the illustrations are only typical, representing a wide range of works of their kind, differing in shape, design and technical details. They are but a poor echo of the beauty they attempt to portray and the actual turnout is infinitely more beautiful than the illustrations alone suggest.

➤ Our prices are extremely moderate and you have only to enquire about them to be convinced of this.' Quality for quality there is no better value offered. Our resources enable us to purchase materials at substantially low rates and to employ experts and labourers at most reasonable wages.

➤ These are the advantages that our prices reflect. Just let us know your requirements and we would be glad to furnish you, free of charge, with designs and estimates, along with samples of stones, for your perusal. In case you want us to quote for designs herein illustrated please mention the illustration number only.

➤ This catalogue is just one tangible expression of our desire to serve you in our own special field. If you need our help we arc ready and eager to be useful to you at all times. Your patronage is respectfully solicited.

(Managing Proprietor)