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Know About Thakur & Sons

Methods of construction have altered considerably in recent years; architectural style, planning requirements and the whole system of construction is changing. New materials are introduced from time to time, but still stone and marble remain a popular material for construction with many uses—always symbolic of strength, beauty and cleanliness, We specialize in stone and marble works; have been in the line for over a century and a half and have some of the biggest stone and marble works in India to our credit. We put sandstone to a variety of uses, which can be classified as under :-

Statues :- Statues of Gods & Goddesses, Busts and Statues from photos, Buddha Statues, Monks Statues, Lion Statue, Elephant Statue, Animals & Birds Statues

Buddhist Stupa :- Buddhist Stupa with different architectural design & of different sizes

Architectural Works :- Finished Temples, Memorial Pillars, Platforms, Canopies, and parts of buildings like Columns, Arches, Brackets, Jallies, Railings, Stepstones, ashlars and Quoins for Facing, Roofing and Flooring Tiles etc.

Ashoka Stambha / Ashoka Pillars :- Ashoka Pillars with different types of Lion statues, and of customized sizes

Garden and Park Requisites :— Fountains, Lamp Posts, Sandstone Benches, Sundials, Birdbaths, Seats, Flower-Vases, Fencing Posts etc.

Cemetery Monuments & Church Requisites :— Christian Monuments containing Crosses, Scrolls, Copings, Flower Vases, Railings etc. and Church Statues, Holy-Water Fonts, Mural Tablets, Altars, Pulpits, Graves, etc.

Sandstone Slabs & Blocks :— Sandstone blocks, Sandstone slabs for floor and walls, Sandstone Railing works, Sandstone step works, Projected Balconies, Sandstone Jallies, etc.

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